Dear friends, I was often approached with a request to tell about my 2illusions project in detail. Recently I’ve visited one of the radio stations where in a very pleasant conversation I’ve told the listeners as much as possible about myself and about the project. The conversation took place between me and the "Relax" host Dmitry.

Roman, when did you discover your musical talent?
I liked music even in my early childhood. I remember I had a wooden toy piano (from the Soviet times). There were only 7 keys that sounded like bells. I spent a lot of time playing simple melodies. I really liked it. Then there was a simple computer "Robik" where you could compose melodies programmatically. And there was also a program where it was possible to record 2-3 tracks at the same time. Of course there was no variety of instruments, just a sound that resembled a piano. But even then my joy had no limit. Later on I had a simple a personal computer. There was a wonderful program called Fasttracker. It was a very advanced program at that time and allowed to record up to 32 tracks simultaneously and load real samples. That gave me great opportunities for creativity. And although the quality of the samples was not suitable for professional use, it was enough for the rough recording of the track. During this period my friends and I created a group, composed music, sang and recorded at studios. We had 4-5 songs of a quite high quality. We even managed to perform them at numerous concerts. But unfortunately, the group didn’t exist for a long time. And we all went our separate ways. Then there was a very long pause and in 2010 I launched the 2illusions project.

Roman, tell us about your project. Why does it have such a name? Does it carry a certain philosophical significance?
Yes, you are absolutely right! The title of the project contains some sense that I discovered during an evening meditation. Throughout life we are constantly confronted with two opposites. They are like a wheel spinning inside of us.
Love - Hate
Good - Evil
Joy - Sadness
Energy - Melancholy
Courage - Fear
Selflessness - Greed
Enthusiasm - Apathy
And this list can be continued.
So why it is “Illusions”?
I believe that all these feelings are illusory. They do not exist; it's just an invention of our mind. We cling to one of the perceptions, considering it to be the only true one. And we perceive the whole world around us accordingly. If a person perceives the world around him maliciously, believing that everyone around him is an enemy, that it is dangerous to live, then his consciousness will always point at it. He will constantly meet the same evil people as he is. There will always be problems that will drop from clouds. And vice versa, if a man considers this world to be a wonderful place, radiates love and compassion, tries in every possible way to shield himself from any kind of negativity, then he lives in his own reality. Of course it is way more pleasant than the opposite, but it is also fundamentally wrong. Harmony! That is what’s integral. That is what’s real. Only by accepting both opposites, we can fully perceive the world. One shouldn’t identify himself with only one opposite, with only one side, but with both sides at once. Only this way can we harmonize our lives and stop the wheel of constant extremes throwing. I also adhered to this principle in my music. While creating a track I tried to transfer these opposites even at the stage of selecting chords. The first chord is in the spirit of ascent, hope, joy. And the next one is in the spirit of decline, sadness, melancholy. The listener is constantly unconsciously thrown from one extreme to another, thereby being in the middle, in harmony!

That’s a very interesting point of view. Thank you, Roman! Tell us about your albums. As far as I know you have released 3 albums: “Birth”, “Infancy” and “Childhood”. And now you are working on the fourth album – “Youth”. As for me, these are unusual names.
Do they also have some meaning?

Absolutely true, Dmitry. The 2illusions project will include 7 albums:
1 - Birth
2 - Infancy
3 - Childhood
4 - Youth
5 - Maturity
6 - Old age
7 – Nirvana
I approached the creation of the project as I would approach a person, a child who is born and begins his life journey. Here he is, still so tiny, looking with his little eyes at everything that is happening, not understanding where he is and not distinguishing objects and sounds. Everything is complete, everything is one. And now he is growing with each period of his life, finding his character, attitude toward life, gaining new experience and knowledge. So is my project. Something new is brought with each album: new skills, knowledge and relationships. My project will go through an evolutionary path of development, starting from the very beginning and reaching the peak of mastery. Very well, Roman! Thank you very much for such detailed answers. I would like to wish you creative success and lots of inspiration!

Very well, Roman! Thank you very much for such detailed answers. I would like to wish you creative success and lots of inspiration!